Beyond our imagination

God LOVES the impossible!

Can you imagine trusting God to go from training 7,000 to 70,000, and then to 700,000 church planters?  Watch this powerful video that our team just created which tells the story behind this vision! 

God still does miracles

A year ago, God began a transition journey with Cam & I. He was in the process of transplanting us.  We were confused and had no idea what would happen.  Then God showed me very clearly that He was asking me to become "a major player in creating and facilitating responsive media that would result in transformation".  Cam & I couldn't even begin to guess how He was going to do that! I know God wanted to help us to overcome our disbelief. He called us to stay the course and pray with great faith.  “If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.” (John 15:7)  We have seen God open many doors for us to serve Him in ways we could not have imagined.

Multi-generational church plants

This past week, Cam & I attended the annual conference for GACX, (Global Alliance of Church Partnership) in Minneapolis.  We were absolutely blown away by the stories of faith. There were endless stories of how people who had been trained and had planted churches took that next step and trained another, who also planted a church.  Initially, I thought this was a one-off story, then realized that many people in places like Africa and India were planting churches 5 - 8 generations!  Then I was told about an 18 generation church plant! Incomprehensible!  However, they gathered the 18 leaders of all those church plants together and had taken a photo of each trainer having his hand on the shoulder of their trainee.

God honors faith and obedience
It's impossible to imagine people being killed for their faith and for those around them to keep sharing their faith.  We heard these stories. One of the speakers told the story of a remote village that had killed all the missionaries who had come to them.  The mission organization decided they would no longer send people there. In their office, they drew a big red circle on their ministry map around that village clearly indicating that this was not a place they would go.  Then one day, a woman on his team came to David and told him that God had called her to go to that village. He refused to give her permission.  However, she continued to come back asking to go.  She finally asked him, "who is bigger, you or God?"  With that, he released her to go.  She went and saw incredible fruit. God granted favour for her obedience. 


It's been incredible for God to open the doors to work on this project and others that are coming our way. We are doing some work for a company and helping them with a project in a remote village in Africa that we will be telling you about in our next letter.  Please pray for wisdom as we seek God for next steps. 

Please pray for Kaylin and Brett as they have both been experiencing health issues. 

Thank you so much for serving with us!   We appreciate your prayers and partnership with us!  

serving together,

Karen & Cam Schenk