Evangelism through sport and partnership


Cam and Brett are travelling to Manchay, Peru March 5 - 10th to engage in a ministry project. A year ago, Cam introduced Jack Neufeld (of Communities for Life) to Graham from Athletes in Action.  Many conversations took place to plan this trip.  It's now come together and Graham will be bringing a few players from Trinity Western University soccer team.  They will be doing soccer camps for kids, coaches training and leadership development training.  

There is another partner joining the group who feeds nearly 20,000 kids a month in Paraguay.  He will be bringing his expertise to help further the sustainable communities that Communities for Life is developing.  

Along with these aspects, Brett and Cam are bringing in Jesus Film equipment that they will be leaving for some of the local organizations to continue to use after they have left. 

Prayer requests

Several new initiatives are being launched that could have major implications on this community in Manchay. Please be in prayer for the following items: 

1. Athletes in Action from Vancouver and Paraguay with some athletes under the leadership of Graham for a sports clinic and coach training.
2. Iconium Strategies (Brett and Cam), together with Adele (a Campus Crusade Peru staff member) will be  introducing the Jesus film strategy and assign equipment.
3. Communities for Life will find ways to support, expand and fund the existing programs. 
4. Communities for Life will find solutions for the Sewing Incubator to start producing revenue.
5. Communities for Life will seek to expand the Micro Loan Program.

We will appreciate your prayers. Please pray as the Jesus Film equipment is being brought across the border.  Pray for the health of the team as well as safe travel and meaningful meetings . Pray especially for Rocio and Julio who are the local ministry leaders in Manchay.   Pray that the Lord will raise up new leaders to work with them, especially in the evangelistic and sports ministry.

It's a privilege to see how this partnership has developed into a meaningful and impactful ministry outreach. 

Please also continue to pray for an Ambassador Tour that Cam is coordinating in Edmonton in the next months. 

Media outreach

Iconium Strategies is continuing to grow and have an impact.  Most recently, our team put together a video for Sherwood Park Alliance Church on prayer.  The church planter training has been tested by groups around the globe over the past weeks.  The response has been very positive and development will be continuing within the next days.